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Helping you gain clarity to take action and maximize your potential.

Parrish Coaching & Consulting 

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Worn out from all the worrying? Exhausted from the anxiety? Done being overwhelmed?


Let’s talk! Better yet, let me listen! You’ve heard of telehealth. I’m here to be your telecoach! I can’t make this virus go away. What I can do is:


  • Help you sort out all of those thoughts running around inside your head and help you get out of your own way so that you can feel positive and productive.

  • Help you find clarity, focus, and direction towards your hourly, daily, weekly, monthly goals.

  • Help you create an action plan that works for you so that rather than feeling the weight of worry, anxiety, and overwhelm;

  • You can feel in control, positive, hopeful, and committed to yourself and your goals. Therefore being the best version of yourself for you and your family.


Everyone deserves a coach!!! If you are interested in experiencing a powerful telecoach conversation (or Zoom) please message me. There’s no fee or obligation, just a chance to talk with someone who is ready to listen to you, help you, encourage you, and be there for you during this challenging time. 


Lori is a dynamic and empowering coach that truly engages clients in the magic of self-discovery through the use of her active listening and conversational intelligence. On top of that, she is a compassionate, nurturing mentor with a wide base of professional knowledge. I highly recommend everything that Parrish Coaching and Consulting has to offer.

Lori's presentation about using and strengthening conversation intelligence was powerful and impactful. I was able to identify my conversational strengths, as well as create actionable plans to improve my conversations and relationships with others. I look forward to growing in this process as it will result in healthier, more successful conversations in both my personal and professional life. 

~ Elizabeth Marie

~ Jessica Andritsch, Owner of The Chameleon VA 

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